We create healthy and sustainable offices where occupants can easily find their best suited workspace and where they can increase their vitality. As visualized below, Vitality at work is not only determined by factors related to the office building, but also by office workers themselves. It is this holistic view and the data driven integration of these two, what makes OfficeVitae unique and where we bring added value to both management as well as employees.


At work, we should not feel left cold or in the dark. Delimiting noise disturbance sounds like a great idea and good air quality should provide the smell of success. Consistently comfortable indoor climate assures us to consistently perform great.


We should be able to quickly pick and tune a personalised, ergonomic workplace that feels relaxing and well-designed. Greenery should not just be our outside view, but also the plants behind our back that make us feel safe and sound. Feels like home!



We measure, visualise & analyse to impove


OfficeVitae enriches the office environment with high quality sensors and provides its occupying employees with reflective software. This way, objective and subjected data can be measured and visualised. This is the starting point for improving vitality at work. Whether simple, complex or out of the box solutions are required: We are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  All client data can be stored at the client site on a fully native platform with no external plugins. OfficeVitae is ready to bring your office environment to life and make it work!