Insight in available and comfortable workplaces in the blink of an eye. 

A pleasant workplace enhances vitality. Office workers that feel vital are more productive and healthier. OccuPlus helps (flex) office workers to quickly find the one workplace that best meets their comfort requirements, such as warmth, brightness or silence. Everyone in position, thanks to OccuPlus!

Are you utilizing your office space to the max?

Do you want to know the occupancy levels of your workspaces and meeting rooms?

Do you want to provide your employees with an easy tool to find an available and best suited workspace?


Facility managers gain insight into indoor climate. Using this data, office worker comfort and building sustainability can be improved or optimised.

Office workers can read about quality of indoor climate of individual workplaces. This way, they can find a workplace that meets their personal preferences.


€ 11,50

per workspace, per month


€ 7,50

per workspace, per month


Facility managers can inspect which workplaces or workspaces are being used and which remain unutilized.

Office workers can see which workplaces are available and which are in a social or isolated environment.

Room booking

Occuplus lets users view workspace comfort levels and book rooms based upon:


Room facilities

User ratings

Measured comfort levels


€ 13,50

per workspace, per month

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All prices are excluding VAT and based on a 12 month minimum contract period,

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