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Research at OfficeVitae


OfficeVitae is a spinoff of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, built on over 10 years of research work in national and European projects focused on sustainable living and work. Currently the company is engaged in several joint research projects with academic and industry partners. Furthermore, the company is involved in the development of measurement tools and methods for assessing comfort and vitality at work which are readily available for joint research projects. The research program at OfficeVitae is led by Prof. dr. David Keyson.

Current National projects:

OfficeVitae is an active partner in the Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) programme under the EIT Climate-KIC: the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy. Within the BTA OfficeVitae participates in:


Current European project:

In the EU Interreg ENERGE project, OfficeVitae is providing the sensing technology and an educational user interface to enables schools to monitor their comfort levels and energy use to reduce CO2 emissions.

Office Vitality Scan

Based on a collection of validated scales the Office Vitality web-based scan provides researchers and designers with a tool to measure and assess how office occupants experience their work environment and how would they prefer to experience it. In this manner the vitality gap can be determined for a group. The vitality scan is built along five dimensions, being (1) how the physical builiding is experienced, (2) how the organzation is experienced in terms of personal well being, (3) social interaction in the workplace, (4) psychological well being, and (5) degree of physical activity at work, including work posture.

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