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Work at Office Vitae

OfficeVitae, founded at the Delft University of Technology, provides an unique and integrated approach to gain real-time insights into the levels of Sustainability, Health & Vitality of (office) buildings. The OfficeVitae software platform was developed with leading scientists at the Technical University of Delft and combines Smart Indoor Environment IoT Sensors with building climate and energy analysis to measure, improve and if possible personalize the occupants work & living environments.

The challenge that we take on is: How can we create healthy and sustainable environments where occupants can have optimal comfort enabled by energy efficient solutions. In addition to office buildings we are also working on projects to improve Sustainability, Health & Vitality of other building environments, including schools, and residential houses. For these different challenges OfficeVitae works together with various partners and experts, for instance for installation, building management and with health improvement partners to offer concrete solutions to improve employee and occupant wellbeing in buildings.


OfficeVitae @Bouwcampus 

Vacancy: Lead / Full Stack developer

We’re looking for an experienced and amazing Full stack developer to join our
team and take the lead developer role of the OfficeVitae platform development. You should be eager to learn new technologies and work together as a team with the cutting edge of smart sensing innovations in the office place and other building areas. We are looking for someone who wants to grow in the same way as our fast-growing company. You will work in a small but very dynamic team, consisting of hardware and software engineers. We also work closely together with other software start-ups at TU Delft, for example in the field of data analysis and predictive modeling.

  1. For the position, you should preferably have a proven professional record in software and IoT platform development projects with experience in both the back- and front-end environments.

  2. For the back-end side we are looking for work experience that includes MongoDB and NodeJS/Express. Experience with MySQL and PHP is also very welcome.

  3. For the front-end you should be familiar with Angular8 and TypeScript


What can OfficeVitae offer?     

We can offer a competitive salary, a full-time contract for 6-12 months, with 25 holidays per year in an 'Amazing team'. A part-time contract is also possible. In addition, you will work in an innovative and inspiring environment at the TU Delft Campus. 


Our offices are located at the Bouwcampus at TU Delft. For more information visit our website at 


If you like to apply for this position, please send your CV and motivation to


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