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Read here about our past research projects. 

Zilveren kruis


Leading Dutch health insurance company, Achmea, is currently evaluating the effect of ‘green walls’ on employee comfort, vitality and wellbeing at its Leiden office. OfficeVitae implemented a smart-technology strategy to measure core office conditions; temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, VOC, light, sound and occupancy levels.

A real-time dashboard enables each of the 100 office workers to view their own workspace conditions. In addition, they can provide feedback on their individual experiences using the customised OfficeVitae mobile app. The complete analysis provided to Achmea’s Facilities Department gives them the tangible overview they need to assess the effect of the green walls on employee well-being.


Right after summer, when school started again, OfficeVitae equipped the Department of FacMngt with a number of sensors to measure the indoor air climate. Because the department is occupied by both teachers, staff and students, it is a high energy working space. It’s also very important that everybody can enjoy a healthy office and perform to the best of their abilities.

With the interactive OfficeVitae solution, occupants can not only view their own personal comfort status, they can also report their own comfort experience on a daily basis. The added bonus to this project is that students can actually use the acquired data themselves in their studies and graduation projects!

Hogeschool rotterdam


Our partnership with University College London is an exciting new venture for OfficeVitae. This research project was kicked-off in May this year in one of the UK’s first WELL Certified buildings: Cundall in London. Here OfficeVitae is bringing together indoor climate measurements with employee feedback to determine the optimal conditions for peak wellbeing and productivity. Not only that, this project will define how energy-savings can be achieved while providing these optimal working conditions!


Facilicom Rotterdam


At Facilicom HQ in Rotterdam, OfficeVitae installed high tech sensors to continuously measure workplace climate, comfort and occupancy. In addition to this objective data OfficeVitae captures the employees’ perception of workplace comfort. The objective and subjective data is then processed and visualized in a software platform and reports are generated to provide insight into how healthy the office environment is and highlights opportunities for improvement of employee satisfaction, health and vitality.


OfficeVitae is working together with Unica and Arup at the county office of South Holland to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions. The Occplus app by OfficeVitae  is being used to help ensure office occupant comfort levels are maintained. Occupants can view and choose to work in different comfort zones in the building. Localized  user-controlled heating solutions are also provided to opitimeze comfort and energy use.  


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