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Vitality at Work

We create healthy and sustainable offices where occupants can easily find their best suited workspace and where they can increase their vitality


As visualized below, Vitality at work is not only determined by factors related to the office building, but also by office workers themselves. It is this holistic view and the data driven integration of these two, what makes OfficeVitae unique and where we bring added value to both management as well as employees.



We start by measuring all relevant comfort and vitality factors in the building and around its users. We then visualize and analyze all this data and from these insights we come up with meaningful recommendations on how to improve Vitality at work. By doing it this way, an increase in Vitality means an increase in Profitability!

Vitality at Work

We measure - OfficeVitae collects objective and subjective data. Our sensor technologies not only measure office environment aspects, such as light, sound, movement and occupancy, but also the experience of employees.

 We visualize and analyze - OfficeVitae visualises collected data. Our comfort & vitality platform (desktop & mobile software) grants insight in the quality of buildings, workplaces and employees for your organisation.

 We improve - OfficeVitae analyses collected data. We tackle identified problems for sustainability purposes, together with our improvement partners, specialised in climate control, office design and planning, greenery and vitality coaching.



Insight in available and comfortable workplaces in the blink of an eye. 


A tool for optimizing office comfort, based on sensor data and employees experiences. 

Comfort platform

Vitality scan

OfficeVitae provides companies with a modular vitality scan based on five areas of vitality, namely building, organization, social, physical and psychological. The scan enables companies to view the gap between current and desired states in relation to vitality at work. In this manner, particular areas of attention can be identified, along with intervention paths.


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